Saturday, July 31, 2010

Our Project being featured on eLanguages!

We got the message of our most esteemed British Council U.K. Officer Chris Swift a few days back-"Excellent project. We really like it!Thanks to everyone who has uploaded examples from their school. I would like to know if anyone has tried something creative in their classrooms which they have learnt from this project? Namita - I'd like to feature this as a highlighted project on the homepage for others to join. Please let me know if you are OK with this.
Chris Swift
School Linking Officer, British Council UK"

At first it was unbelievable that our Project "Be Creative" could be featured but soon the day came when it was featured on the Home Page of eLanguages. We could hardly believe. We felt so grateful to British Council U.K. for ever being benevolent to us. First we were chosen as an Ambassador School then shortly afterwards our Project was featured on Home Page! All the participant Schools are elated to see their works being highlighted. Special thanks to dear Chris Swift for rearranging the uploaded works on the Project Page.

Workshop of Connecting Classrooms Online Community

JNV Bhiwani was invited to attend a two days' workshop in Delhi related with Connecting Classrooms Online Community. Our School has been chosen as an Ambassador School. Eminent Schools from all over India were called to attend the workshop. Our Joint Commissioner Mr. Naidu and Assistant Commissioner Mr. O.P. Sagar came there as a pleasant surprise and praised our efforts for bringing International dimension in Education and curriculum. They assured us to help forward CCO to other JNVs. British Council India's officers did a lot to make the workshop a success. We got the chance to know other Schools and meet wonderful people like Sandhya Kakkar, Naina Lakhanpal, Rashmi Vij, A.K. Sharma,Ritu Beri,Yogesh Singla and several others.Thanks to Rittika Parruck, Anju Mehta, Rizley from Srilanka and Purti Kohli to give us this opportunity to come closer to other B.C.S.A s. We hope to come up to the expectations of British Council CCO. In a short period we attained so much recognition and praise for our humble efforts. We feel lucky to be a part of CCO Community.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Welcome friends from Bulgaria

We are happy to have new friends from a Bulgarian School in our Project "Be Creative".They made wonderful things out of old newspapers and waste things.We liked their colourful hats and flowers made of papers. We are amazed to see their creativity and innovations. Thanks Mm. Margarita for your wonderful contribution. All participants welcome you to this Project Page.

When British Council brought a Great change in our Lives!

When we joined eLanguages in OCT. 2009 we didn't know what great changes it would bring in our lives.We came to know about the efforts of British Council in bringing closer pupils and teachers of different countries and help them collaborate together in many International Projects. The efficient and cooperative team of British Council is ever present to help us and collaborate actively. What we liked the most is the constant praise and motivation we ever got. We didn't know much about the U.K.I.E.R.I. Project although we were a part of it but now we are enjoying collaboration with the wonderful friends we got through eLanguages. We live in a remote corner of Haryana's village but now we feel as if we are in mainstream. Can anyone imagine what it feels like living away from families? We were often depressed as we could not have contact with outer world or even the village people living near us. All Navodayas in India are like a large family and their residential cultures and rules are same. They have no particular regionality and to put in exact words they are truly International communities. When the students enter these schools they are like soft clay that can be moulded in any shape. We can instil good moral values and any virtue in them. They welcome all people and they need only one thing and that is affection of others. That understanding and affection we got from our partners schools across the globe. Though officially we have no partners we are friends to many.
Now students have become confident enough and take part in all activities with enthusiasm. They know someone living far away cares for them.
We are thankful to the wonderful Team of British Council to bring about this change in our hitherto uneventful life. Chris Swift of British Council ever helped us and encouraged us to join International Projects. He was the first Officer who introduced us to this new world of fantasies and friendship. All students are ever eager to know his comments and feedback.Even some pupils call him "Christ" in human form.
Rosa Ryou of British Council Edinburg introduced us to Connecting Classrooms Online Projects. Her Project "From my window" had been quite favourite with the students. She ever gave her suggestions. Though these people are living far away from us still we feel they are close to us. They are instrumental in bringing great changes in lives of many across the globe. They are dedicated to their noble goal of bringing people together. They have risen above their formal duties and have become true messengers of goodwill, affection and Peace. Their inspiring words are our strength that made us join above 100 Projects. Our School has been chosen as an Ambassador School of CCO of British Council in India and the whole credit goes to the dedicated Team of British Council.British Council India's Ms. Rittika Parruck, Ms. Purti Kohli and Ms. Anju Mehta ever keep in touch and guide us. We are working in 116 Projects till date and found it quite exciting experience.
JNV Bhiwani

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dos & Don'ts Project-Connecting Classrooms Online

We recently joined CCO Project-"Dos & Don'ts".Students are discussing and preparing ppts about the laws of their respective countries. They analyzed the laws prevalent in society and picked out the drawbacks. They reviewed the old customs and laws and suggested some slight changes. Nevertheless they emphasised on strictly following the rules that are beneficial to us. Discipline is the foremost thing for them. They searched for real incidents around them which highlighted the Dos & Don'ts of traditional society. And of course they found examples in their day to day life. Already their hostel life is full of many such "Dos & Don'ts".

While discussing the many of the Dos & Don'ts of our society the students were reminded of a poem by Robin Klein "Amanda" where a girl named Amanda is costantly nagged and has a lot of "Don'ts" in her life!

"Don't bite your nails Amanda!
Don't hunch your shoulders, Amanda!
Stop that slouching and sit up straight,

Did you finish your homework, Amanda?
Did you tidy your room, Amanda?
I thought I told you to clean your shoes,

Don't eat that chocolate, Amanda!
Remember your acne, Amanda!
Will you please look at me when I'm speaking to you.

Stop that sulking at once, Amanda!
You're always so moody, Amanda!
Anyone would think that I nagged at you,

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Our Peace Glog

Thursday, July 15, 2010

New comers introduced!

Today new comers of class-VIth, IXth, XIth were introduced to whole School. They introduced themselves on stage. Many cultural programmes were held on this occasion. All were surprised to see the confidence of the new comers of the junior most class-VIth.They told the audience about their aspirations, expectations and ambitions.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Thanks for such wonderful messages!

We got lovely messages from the teachers we are working with in many International Projects:
Dear Namita,
I just discovered the glogster introduction you made on the introducing ourselves project. It is great. What a good idea. I will try and work with my pupils on this project next term. We are about to break up for our Summer holiday now and will not be back at school until September.Very best wishes.
Judy Skelton.

Firstly, thank you for all your work on the World Cup project. It has been great to see the page grow with such fantastic contributions. I hope all your students have enjoyed the experience and have learned from it as well. How about we do it all over again ... in about 4 years time?In the mean time, my school has 7 new classes of Year 7 students (aged 11-12) starting in September and we would like to find a partner class in a different country for each of these classes. Would you like to be involved? We could use an elanguages page to share materials. Thank you for this.See you in 2014 in Brazil for the next World Cup project!
Best wishes
Jonathan Peace

Dear Namita
I really appreciate for putting in data on my online project. Thanks a lot to you and your students who are taking interest in building up our partnership.

Thanks friends for all your admiration and wonderful cooperation. These messages are inspirations for us.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Our World Cup Videos being Featured on the Homepage of ePals!

Today email of Marianne Peacock came as a pleasant surprise and for novices like us it is really a great favour. Marianne has been a continuous source of inspiration for us and we must say that on ePals we got quick recognition and so much love.Students felt so elated to see their work being spotlighted on ePals' Homepage.
Email of Marianne Peacock seemed at first like a dream.We were hitherto unknown to name and fame, living in a remote area cut off from the mainstream.
What dear Marianne informed us:
"Dear Namita,I wanted to let you and your students know that the 2010 World Cup videos they made are being featured on the ePals homepage right now. Look at the middle box on the bottom third of the page. When you click on the video picture it takes you to your Wishes for Ghana, Wishes for the Ivory Coast, and Wishes for Nigeria videos.Thank you again for sharing this work with the global community. It is wonderful!Best regards,Marianne PeacockCommunity Team MemberePals"
Thanks Marianne for your constant motivation, support and selfless affection. You have special place in our hearts.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Peace Art Project

Nothing can be more inviting than the theme of "Peace". We got a golden opportunity to work upon this theme due to our affectionate friends from Roots College International Rawalpindi Pakistan.It's really a learning experience for all of us. We appreciate the efforts of our friends who welcomed us in their Project "Peace chain around the World". They are alike us in their feelings and affection.

"Be Creative" Project of JNV Bhiwani

We never thought when we started this Project that Schools from across the globe would join and contribute in it. It aimed at showcasing the Art work of our students. Today many Schools have joined in and their works added attraction to it. All pupils love creativity whether from Thailand, Russia, Pakistan, India, Croatia, Indonesia....Now this platform would provide all of them an opportunity to show their wonderful creations. We are thankful to all the participants who selflessly contributed to it. Our new participants Humaira Hameed from Roots College International Pakistan and Kanchapat Chaoplaina of Sainampeung School, Bangkok, Thailand have recently added their wonderful pictures and slideshow.